What Are The Common Co-morbidities?
1. Cardiovascular disease + arthritis
2. Arthritis + back pain

Co-morbidities describe the appearance of one or more additional diseases or disorders co-occurring with a primary disease or disorder.

  • The most common Co-morbidities for males is back pain, cardiovascular disease and mental health
  • The most common Co-morbidities for females is arthritis, mental health and cardiovascular disease.
  • For the age group 0-44 year olds the most common were mental health problems, followed by back pain and then asthma.


In the points above, diabetes, cancer and COPD are the least reported. However it is people with these conditions that are most likely to have a co-morbidity. Some of the co-morbidities are precursors to other conditions i.e. diabetes to cardiovascular disease, people with asthma are more likely to develop COPD.
As the population ages and is generally more sedentary, there will be a greater cost socially and economically caused by co-morbidity.
Preventing some of these co-morbidities by addressing lifestyle choices and having access to health care facilities and programs can help people have good health and prevent illness. SO GET MOVING!