Here’s Groove Health physio, Jesse, showing you how to use a foam roller correctly. More videos to come, stay tuned!!


Arthritis Awareness Week

This week is Arthritis Awareness Week! Arthritis impacts 18.1% of people in Queensland, and this number is looking to increase in the near future.

You may not know this, but your physio can help in the assessment and treatment of the effects of arthritis. A physio can help to:

  • Reduce pain
  • Improve movement & posture
  • Strengthen muscles
  • Improve function
  • Assess & treat biomechanical problems

Check out our infograph for more stats…




It’s A Simple Question But…Why Run?

It’s a simple question but… why run??? From a Physio’s point of view, there are so many advantages that running can offer your body. Here are the top reasons to get moving!

1.  It’s easy! All you need is a pair of shoes and somewhere to run.
2.  You can get a good workout and therefore a good calorie burn.
3.  Running strengthens bones, helps with weight change and
maintenance, that helps reduce pressure on our joints.
4.  Decreases stress.
5.  Increases life expectancy.
6.  You can do it with friends.
7.  There are plenty of organised races and events.
8.  It can improve your mood.

Hopefully that’s enough reasons to get you moving, remember…Groovers are Movers!




U15 Hockey Nationals:  The Diary of a Physio

Groove Health Physiotherapist, Sarah Lewis, is currently away with Hockey Queensland’s U15 teams who are competing the next two weeks in Sydney. Sarah is keeping a diary of all the action, so you can see what Physios get up to on tour with sporting teams.

The u15 Queensland Hockey teams

Day 1

I arrived at the airport with all of my gear. Picked up a trolley and, like all trolleys, it had a wonky wheel. The Essendon bombers played the Brisbane Lions last night so I had to look cool, calm, and collected, as the whole Essendon team got off their bus in front of me at the airport.

We have four U15 hockey teams: two girls and boys teams of 18 players, 2 coaches, 1 manager, 2 physios and 1 hockey QLD staff member – a total of 79 people at group check in (so understandably it took the airline 80 mins to complete our check in). As we watched the Bombers depart, the Gold Coast Suns arrived…it seems, all the cool kids were at Brisbane airport this morning! Once in Sydney we piled/ shoved/ pushed onto buses with all of our gear. The girls headed to our accommodation at Parramatta and said goodbye to the boys who are staying at Burwood. So day 1 is almost over. Tomorrow there is a training session…once we take on the Sydney traffic…wish us luck!

Day 2

The U15 girls training hard

It was a training day today. The girls 2 team (The Fire) have had some late withdrawals due to injury and family issues, so as a result the last girls player arrived today. The coach and I left Parramatta at 6:30 to be at the airport by 7:45, for an 8am arrival. Whilst we’d planned for Sydney traffic, we didn’t plan properly. There was a brief 10 minute stop at the airport to pick up our new player before we got back in the car for the return journey to the hotel. We got back to the hotel just after 10am

The QLD teams went to a local pitch closer to home for training. The boys trained in the morning and the girls dominated the pitch in the afternoon. They finished off with a wet weather game between the 2 QLD girls teams. The day ended with $10 dinners at the local sports club. Steak night! Winner!

Day 3

We departed early for training which required 37 people in the buses by 6:30! Some of the girls didn’t know that it was 6:30 in the morning! We got to the fields and had again mistimed Sydney traffic. So we waited for 30 minutes before the complex opened. All teams trained well and the coaches were happy with the last session.  And at this stage all the players are healthy – winner, winner chicken dinner! The QLD Girls 1 team (Fury) play at 12:30 against NT. The QLD girls 2 team (Fire) play WA 2 straight after them at 2.30. Go Girls!!!!

Day 4

It’s Day 1 of matches today. The day started with the Fury playing NT. The girls had a nervous start. After scoring a couple of goals they settled and finished the first half strongly leading 4-0. They started the second half like they finished the first half. They won the game 8-0.

The Fire played the next girls game on the same pitch. They dominated the first 20 mins of the half, but were unable to convert the chances they created. WA 2 put the first goal on the scoreboard late in the 2nd half. QLD equalised before half time, but lost a player to concussion prior to the break. Both teams played the game in a great spirit and scored another goal before full-time. The final score was 2-2. The concussed player is now resting comfortably in the hotel and will be reassessed in the morning. Both sides play again tomorrow; the Fury play VIC 2 at 8:30 and the Fire play SA at 4pm.

Day 5

The Fury kicked off the games for the girls this morning against VIC 2. They had a slow start and Victoria scored early against us. The girls worked their way back into the game and levelled the score just before half time. The Fury scored early in the second half and held onto the lead until the final whistle.

The QLD Fire had the second game of the day.  They had a goal scored against them early by SA. The girls then fired up (no pun intended) and scored 2 quick goals. One of our strikers had a collision with a player and as she fell she kneed herself in the head, monocled herself out and fell awkwardly hitting the back of her head. The game was stopped as we looked after her and waited for the ambulance. She the second half started QLD kept their composure and scored another 2 goals. We had a 4-1 win against SA. Our striker returned home with concussion later that night. She’s a little sore but will be ok in the long term.

Day 6

This morning was a slow start with both teams having afternoon games. I’ve borrowed my cousin’s bike, so Mavis and I spent time together in the lounge room. The first game was against the ACT. The girls were a little disappointed with their efforts yesterday… so they took it out on ACT today. The score was 2-0 after 7 minutes. The final score was lots to nothing. Because of Sydney traffic, I’ve stayed at the field so I didn’t miss the Fire buses. The sun is now low and the temperature drops fast. All my night/warm weather gear is in the hotel. Can’t wait for my tracksuit pants to arrive!

The Fire played NSW in the 7:30 late game. Like all Qld v NSW games it was fiercely contested. QLD win the match 2-1. We beat the Blues…… what else can I say? We beat them…AGAIN.

State of Origin win for the Fire

Day 8

Yesterday was a rest day… and the QLD Fire were well rested. They started very sluggishly and struggled to get out of first gear. Victoria came out during and had scored two goals by half time. QLD tried hard to comeback but weren’t able to. The final score was 3-0 to Victoria.

Roary the Fire’s mascot

The Fury played in the 5pm game. NSW played a very defensive style of game for the first half. Then a storm came through and the match was abandoned (saving the blues). We did a grocery top up after dropping the girls back at the hotel. Ice cream was welcomed by the girls, but didn’t quite make up for the disappointment of a big loss and lost opportunity.

Day 9

So, that’s it. End of the pool games!

The QLD Fire played Tasmania and needed a win and results to go their way to make 2nd. They picked themselves up from yesterdays poor performance and started strongly. Tassie scored a very good goal in the first 10 minutes and the girls went into their shell. They worked hard to equalise, so the score at 1/2 time was 1-1.  Tassie had gained a lot of confidence and continued to compete. The final score was 4-4.

The Qld Fury’s last pool match was against WA gold. After not finishing last night’s game v NSW, the girls were frustrated at not playing hockey. They came out firing and played with a lot of concentration early. The score was 2-0 within 10 minutes. Qld had a number of cards throughout the match l, and the game finished 7-2.

Tomorrow is a rest day before finals start. The Fury play NSW for the right to go straight into the grand final. The Fire play VIC white in a bid for 4th.











Day 11

Yesterday was a rest day. The Fire took the opportunity to have a look around Sydney with their patents. The Fire had a  training session in preparation for the qualifying game. The Fire played Vic white in the playoffs. It was a 3-3 draw in the end. They’ll play WA gold tomorrow to get as high up the ladder as they can.

The Fury played NSW in an attempt to go straight through to the gold medal playoff. They started strongly and scored after 20 minutes. The Fury scored just before half time to go the break 2-0. NSW had a strong 10 minutes just into the second half. They scored with 10 minutes to go, but that was as close as they got. Qld Fury will play Victoria in the gold medal play off on Thursday.

Day 12

The U15 Hockey Nationals for girls  and boys has been run and won. The girls final was between Qld Fury and Vic 2. It was a hard fought match and Vic 2 won the game 2-0. Qld Fire played WA in the first round of the day and prevailed 4-1. The girls teams finished second and fifth.

From a physio point of view there were some bumps, bruises and a couple of concussions across the two girls teams. They all finished the tournament in one piece and healthy. The boys finished fourth and seventh. They had a couple of injuries that prevented a couple of boys from finishing the tournament. Hockey was the winner on the day!