Active Ageing

I’ve lost count of the number of older patients that come to see me, and think that pain is just “part of the ageing process”. While physiotherapy and exercise may not be able to completely remove the pain it can certainly make you more functional, improve your energy levels and often reduce the pain.


It important to stay active as we age.

Keeping active at any age is good for us, however staying active as we age is vital. With 1 in 3 older Australians having a fall in any given year; and 7 in 10 being over weight or obese and 8 in 10 having a chronic condition, exercise can play a role in managing all of these issues. A recent patient commented that he “felt like getting up a doing things now” after starting a Pilates-informed class just 2 months ago.

What are the benefits?

Recent research is pointing toward exercise being beneficial to assist with reducing risk of falls, helping to maintain or reduce weight, reduce likelihood of developing chronic diseases such as type II Diabetes and heart disease. Exercise can improve your mood and increase your endurance to keep up with the grandchildren or improve at your chosen sport.

How do I do “Active Ageing”?

The type of exercise you do really depends on your personality and budget. If you need to be held accountable then join a class or exercise with a friend so that you keep going. If you don’t like classes then go for a walk or for a swim. Even seeing a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist and get some body weight exercises to do at home.

The key is to make exercise part of your routine. Start small and gradually build up and in no time you will start to feel the benefits of regular exercise. If you need help getting into exercise call our team on 07 3398 9556 and we can get you started.

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