Pilates Room

Class Timetable

Just because we need to keep our distance from each other does not mean you need to stop moving your body! Now more than ever it is important that we keep active and keep our bodies healthy, strong and mobile. 

Whilst we do our best to keep our timetables up to date, some changes to the Instructors may be unavoidable. 

Please contact the reception staff on (07) 3398 9556 to book into one of our classes and find out which of your favourites classes have been added back into the clinic.  Find out current timetable here.

One-on-One Exercise Session:

A private ½ hour exercise session with one of our AEP’s or Physiotherapists. Excellent for first time exercisers or if you need one on one motivation. Here you will be prescribed an individualised exercise program tailored to your ability and goals. We ensure all exercises are performed safely. We recommend all clients undergo an initial one-one-one exercise assessment before commencing exercise programs.

1hr Group Circuits:

Group circuits range between 2-6 people and are supervised by a Physiotherapist or an AEP. Individual programs are prescribed for all clients and include resistance, cardiovascular and balance exercises. Your initial exercise measures are reviewed after 6-12 weeks for progress. This service is excellent for exercise maintenance and long term goals.

Core Strength Classes:

Core Strength classes are designed to improve strength and stability with an emphasis on core and pelvic floor conditioning. Classes are capped at maximum of 6 participants and include Pilates single pedal chair, reformer and mat work. Exercises and resistance are modified according to your experience and level of fitness.

Yoga Class:

Yoga is currently offered by our Yoga Instructor once per week. Yoga is an excellent activity that complements the physiotherapy management you may be receiving, with an emphasis on being strong with your posture, fluid with your movements between postures, and being able to find a moment for meditation in a busy world.