Exercise Physiology

Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEP) are tertiary qualified allied health professionals. AEP’s use exercise as a form of rehabilitation and lifestyle therapy to prevent and manage chronic diseases, injury and disability.

At Groove Health we have a team of Exercise Physiologists all accredited with Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA) & registered with Medicare. Our AEP’s specialise in exercise interventions for chronic conditions (including arthritis, osteoporosis, cardiopulmonary diseases, diabetes and obesity), musculoskeletal rehabilitation, postural control, workplace conditioning, strength and conditioning as well as improvements in sporting performance.

Our AEP’s carry out fitness testing and can create you a tailored exercise and lifestyle program. We will show you safe and effective ways to exercise to help you achieve your goals. Exercise Physiology differs from Physiotherapy in that we deal with sub-acute patients and use exercise as the main form of treatment. Patients at Groove Health are often discharged from Physiotherapy to Exercises Physiology after their acute rehabilitation for larger compound exercises, functional strength, conditioning and fitness.

Our Clinic: We have a fully equipped private studio with balance equipment, free weights, cardio machines and Pilates reformers.

Services: (all services can be claimed through private health)

At Groove Health our Exercise Physiologists provide the following services:

One-on-One Exercise Session: A private ½ hour exercise session with one of our AEP’s. Excellent for first time exercisers of if you need one on one motivation. Here you will be prescribed an individualized exercise program tailored to your ability and goals. We ensure all exercises are performed safely. We recommend all clients undergo an initial one-one-one exercise assessment before commencing exercise programs.
Pilates Class: Pilates classes are designed to improve strength and stability with an emphasis on core and pelvic floor conditioning. Classes are capped at 5 participants and include Pilates single pedal chair, reformer and mat work. Exercises and resistance are modified according to your experience and level of fitness.
1hr Group Circuits: Group circuits range between 2-5 people and are supervised by an AEP. Individual programs are prescribed for all clients and include resistance, cardiovascular and balance exercises. Your initial exercise measures are reviewed after 6-12 weeks for progress. This service is excellent for exercise maintenance and long term goals.
Yoga Class: Yoga is currently offered by our Yoga Instructor once/week. Yoga is an excellent activity that complements the physiotherapy management you may be receiving, with an emphasis on being strong with your posture, fluid with your movements between postures, and being able to find a moment for meditation in a busy world.
Sretch Class: Stretching has been shown to increase flexibility, range of motion and reduce the risk of injury. This class includes mobility exercises, dynamic stretches and static stretches; ideal for those who suffer from stiffness, muscle tightness or want to improve flexibility. The 1hr stretch class runs on Wednesday night 7-8pm and is supervised by an AEP.


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