Your First Physiotherapy Appointment and what to expect.

What to expect at your first Physio Appointment

Is physiotherapy right for you?

A physiotherapist can help with a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries. That is, they work with you muscles, joints and bones.   Whether you have sprained your ankle, have chronic lower back pain or various other musculoskeletal injuries, your physiotherapist can help you.

You don’t need a referral to see a physiotherapist, however if you have seen your GP or specialist prior to making your appointment, then bring along any recent scans and information from your other providers.

Never been to a physiotherapist before?  That’s ok, here’s what to expect at your first appointment:

    • Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing and it’s appropriate for the area you need treated, ie. shorts for knees and hips, singlet or sports bra for shoulders.
    • Turn up a little earlier than your appointment time, as there is often paperwork to fill out prior to your appointment.
    • Your appointment will start with your physiotherapist asking you some questions about your issue. This helps to narrow down the possible causes of your problem and direct the next phase of your appointment.
    • Your physiotherapist will then ask you to do some movements, prior to some specific testing and palpation of muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. These movements and special tests allow your physiotherapist to diagnose your issue and work out a treatment plan and give you a likely prognosis and time frames for healing.
    • A big part of your treatment is education on your injury, what to avoid to prevent it getting worse and what to do to help it feel better.   Your physiotherapist will give you what they think is appropriate for your stage of injury. This could include stretches, exercises, self-myofascial release techniques or the use of heat/ice or braces.

Choosing a Physiotherapist

To get the most out of your physiotherapist you first need to feel comfortable with your physiotherapist. Then it’s important to choose a physiotherapist that works in your area of injury. Most physiotherapists know a little about most injuries and if they can’t help you then a good physiotherapist will be able to refer you onto someone that they believe can help you. To find a physiotherapist that is right for you visit our team.

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